Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween

Brynlee loved Halloween to say the least!  She had such a cute outfit to wear to daycare yesterday (thanks to Judy!) but she wasn’t having any pictures!  Every time I said say cheese she would lay her head down, smile and laugh.  Oh well!   You still get the picture.

We decided to go do a little Trick or Treating at the church with Gunnar, Mattie, and Aubrey.  Brynlee loves her friends from daycare.  Our church did a Fall Carnival.  I was a little worried about what Brynlee would be able to do but she had so much fun.

She loved playing in the bouncer and was upset when we tried to get her out.  She also really liked the treasure chest filled with rice and candy.  I’m not sure if she was more intrigued with the candy or all the rice to play in.  Brynlee was so funny… she needed to hold her pumpkin bucket all by herself.  Every few minutes it would get to heavy and her bucket and candy would drop and go all over the place.  She would laugh and laugh.  

By the end of the night there were several kids that go to Mrs. Emily’s house so of course we needed a picture of everyone together.  We are really excited about Halloween next year because we know Brynlee will be even more excited about candy and the bounce house than she was this year!

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